Investment Strategy

What We Look For

Elements partners with healthcare services companies that share our aims of improving the quality of care delivery for patients and lowering costs to the system. We target $20 to $40 million equity investments in companies that address themes of shared interest, are experiencing rapid growth and can benefit from our partnership.

Healthcare Specialists

Services and technology-enabled services companies that improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Key Characteristics

Proven product-market fit, first or early institutional capital, profitable or near-term path to profitability.


Businesses serving the US healthcare market.


Control-focused buyouts, recapitalizations and select minority investments.

We invest in businesses that can benefit from our partnership.

Thesis-Driven Investing

We target areas that are poised for secular change and where our strategic partners are focused. We de-risk investments by partnering with management to leverage our relationships and capitalize on new opportunities on day one.

Operational Support

Our decades of experience investing in and operating healthcare businesses allow us to provide operational support, guidance, and subsector-specific expertise to enhance performance.

Growth Playbook

We start implementing the growth playbook pre-close by winning new customers, introducing new products or capabilities and expanding into new markets.

Leveraging Operating Expertise

We utilize decades of experience to provide tailored operational support, guidance, and subsector-specific expertise that enhances overall performance.